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Remove the stress.  Bring the joy and smiles back into life with your dog. 

Professional guidance that not only trains your dog but brings you through the entire process as well.  

  • Stop unwanted behavior

  • Gain the confidence in yourself to continue the growth with your dog

  • Help your dog gain confidence in themselves and within you 

  • Bring balance and tranquility back into your life

Aggression or Reactivity

Are you feeling isolated?


Worried about taking your dog out in public because of their reactions to people or dogs? 

Feeling like your dog is missing out on your favorite adventures because of their outbursts?

Inconsistent Responses

Find yourself having to shout or constantly repeat commands for your dog to listen? 

Catch yourself saying "they aren't normally like this" around new people, family, or friends?

Know that your dog understands what you are asking but can't figure out why they aren't listening?

Undesirable Habits

Being pulled down the street trying to take a relaxing walk after a long day? 

Counter surfing, barking, leash pulling, destructiveness, accidents in the house, jumping on people? 

Feel like you are always cleaning up after your dog or apologizing for something that they did?

Start your puppy off right

So excited about adding a new addition to your family but not sure where to start? 

Have goals and imagined a dream life with your new puppy but not sure how to get there? 

Want to make sure that you do things right and feel like you have someone to help guide you through every stage of your puppy's life?


Advanced Skills Training

Want cool and fun tricks to be able to show off to friends and family? 

Feel like you have the basic obedience down and looking to advance your skills? 

Looking for new, fun, and different ways to engage with your dog? 



Rebels Total K9 was created out of passion and love. The passion to help families and their dogs live out their most fulfilled, connected, rewarding, and happy life together. The love that is felt between an owner and their canine companion. The love that is built and grows deeper through better communication and understanding with trainer, owner, and dog. Our only goal is to help dogs and owners live the best lives they can together, as well as create a deeper connection and love between you and your dog. We understand that every dog and situation is different. We look at the dog and family in front of us to help you provide proper biological fulfillment for your dog, learn how to properly read your dog leading to a better understanding of what your dog wants/needs, and how to add in the proper structure to help your dog understand their boundaries. We want to help guide you to a relationship with clear communication from both ends of the relationship. With clear communication there is less confusion from your dog on what you are asking and there is less confusion from you about what your dog's daily needs are. We help guide you and your dog to know what signs to look out for and how to read body language allowing both of you to feel heard and understood throughout the training process and the rest of your lives. Rebels Total K9 is here to guide you towards the knowledge and give you the tools needed to stay consistent, stay clear, and continue living a rewarding life with your dog where you have the freedom to meet all of your goals with a deeper understanding between you and your dog. 

Rebels Total K9 understands that every dog, family, situation, and goals for your dog are going to be different from everyone else. We offer many different training programs that are all specifically tailored towards you, your dog, and your goals to give you the best fit. 

No matter what program you decide to enroll in we plan to treat you like family and your dog as if they are our own. We understand how much trust you must have in us to allow us to help you through the process of training with your dog, a member of your beloved family. We want you to know that we are here to support you in every way we can. We want you to be comfortable with every decision that is made throughout training and make sure that you are always kept up to date with your dog and their progress. 

Through training and play we teach you how to build a bond with your dog that will go deeper than the surface. This bond allows you to feel a love like no other where there is a mutual understanding from both sides and gives both sides the freedom to express themselves in a healthy, enjoyable way. Our goal is to make this a fun and positive experience for both you and your dog. We put an emphasis on taking the extra time needed to build a bond with your dog own our own during board and trains prior to putting ANY commands or rules into the mix. Throughout the training process and each training session we make sure to keep a close eye on the dog's stress to confidence level ratio. If we notice the stress level starting to rise we make sure to add in more play, easy commands that your dog is confident in, and fun confidence building exercises to make sure that the dog's confidence is able to rise again. This allows training to remain a fun and positive experience for ALL involved; including dog, owner, and trainer. 

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Each program is customized and curated to your family and dog's unique goals. We understand that every dog is different and every situation is different. Rebels Total K9 wants to make sure that each program is curated specifically for your needs. 

What Our Clients Say

Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 3_19_45 PM.png.webp
"...Throughout the training process, I witnessed significant improvements in my dog's behavior. From basic obedience commands to addressing specific issues, Molly was able to provide effective solutions. Furthermore, Molly demonstrated a deep passion for working with dogs and a genuine love for animals. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and it made the training sessions enjoyable and engaging for both me and my dog..."

Moca and Owners



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